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Lamp Shades

Lamp Shades

Compton's Lamps and Shades has hundreds of lamp shades in stock. Select from a wide range of sizes, shapes and materials. If you cannot find what you like, we will work with you and order the perfect shade.

Make sure you bring in your lamp, so we can find the perfect shade for you!

Popular shade styles include:

Coolie- a simple design with straight sides with a bottom width that is usually 3-4 times larger that the top. This shade emits most of the light from the bottom of the shade.

Cylinder- features vertical or nearly vertical sides and tend to be a tall shade.

Drum- features vertical sides and tend to be a wider shade.

Empire-  is a straight-sided, simple shade with a bottom that is usually twice as wide as the top.

Other available shades include Rectangular, Hexagonal, Oval and Square.

Here are just a few examples of lamp shades in stock: